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Spring '08 grades

African American Lit: B
Product Development and Sensory Analysis: A-
Food Analysis: A
World Music: A
Basic Jazz: A
Ag Biochemistry: A

GPA: 3.7


I'm not sure if I like who I am when I drink in River Falls. Somehow Milwaukee seems so much safer.
DUMB. last day of class tomorrow, woohooooooooo class in 7 hours. oops. staggered in front of cops, saw a TON of other RAs out tonight, whatever. I'd choose being with him anyday. I'd trade my whole world for him, I just wish he felt the same.
"So here's my new motto(s):

1: Laugh through tough times, it'll seem worlds easier
2: Put yourself in perspective -- will this REALLY ruin your life?
3: Realize that everything will work out; nothing is broken forever
4: Focus on what's good in your life right now. (Thank you, Clinton Kelly)
5: Don't let success go to your head, or failure to your heart"

Found this from last year or two years ago...makes me want to really stick to these...

...in other news, it is GORGEOUS outside and I'm sitting inside doing homework...ugh. It's a bit of a waste, but that's okay. I really wouldn't mind if I could graduate this May instead of next May.  Things need to get started in my life, and school just seems to be holding me back right now. I've already scrapped graduate school, now I sort of want to scrap my senior year.

School ain't got nothin' on me!  I've got too many ideas to be dealing with stupid class.

Stolen from Sarah...I miss you Sarah!!

Jane is: about to go to the desk
Jane would like: to be skinnnnyyyy
Jane was going to say, but didn’t: I love you
Jane loves: working out
Jane finds that: she doesn't do it enough
Jane dislikes the taste of: tomatoes
Jane can’t STAND: greedy people
Jane wants: some really delicious european chocolate
Jane would totally kiss you if: i thought you were cute
Jane feels: like making a life change
Jane hopes for: this year to be over with
Jane loves watching: friends with diana
Jane’s favorite YouTube video is: WHAT AM I
Jane would like to dedicate this song to someone: Livin' in a Moment
Jane’s favorite people are: my friends and family
Jane is inspired by: music and weather
Jane thinks that by the end of the year: she will have lost 30 pounds
Jane and her new years resolution: didn't make one
Jane’s bed:has my brown teddy bear on it
Jane’s favorite drink is: agua
Jane’s favorite color is: a lot of them
Jane’s hairstyle: short and sassy!
Jane’s computer: is a rocketship
Jane’s massive regret: haha a breakup - you know who you are
Jane hopes you don’t: stop talking to me
Jane is currently listening to: my rocket ship blasting off
Jane’s current obsession is: malted milk ball eggs

P.S. To everyone

I think I'm making this journal friends-only.  Because there are people out there that I don't want knowing things about me. Simple as that.

Comment if you want to be still on the 'in'. If you don't comment by tax day, then you're on the 'out'. Tough break.


Mini Rant

I HATE being an RA on these nights where dumb ass freshman think it's a FUCKING GENIUS idea to get completely wasted...and then PUKE ON THE FLOOR IN THE HALLWAY!!!

UGGGHHHHHHH I'm not even doing anything about it. If they want to live in their own filth, let 'em! I don't fucking care, I'm not here next year.
Fuck you, freshman. All of you. I hope that all of you get arrested and drop out of college, you FUCKTARDS.

I'll be better tomorrow morning, I'm just really aggravated tonight.

Mar. 4th, 2008

Things I'm looking forward to:
Figuring out what the hell is making me sick since Saturday night
Being done with tests this week
Spring break
Sending my boss' boss the letter telling her that I'm not coming back as an RA next year
Living with Amanda next year
Making real money
Being done with this semester
Not being part of Res Life Politics for a third year

Things I'm not looking forward to:
Being sick
Feeling guilty that I take time for myself because I feel like crap
Being reminded that I'm single at Spring Formal

Things I wish could/should/would happen:
A nice boy ask me out
Miraculously drop 25 pounds
Immediately be healthy
Memorize instantly 20 amino acid structures that will be on the test on Friday.

That's all, I suppose.

take these sunken eyes and learn to see

I didn't get the hall manager position
I called Mom and Dad to tell them
I found out my aunt died this morning.
I literally cannot stop crying
I literally cannot miss anymore class
But I have to go home for the funeral.

I just want to be home with my parents...

21st birthday

It was a good night
It was a harsh morning

1 butterball shot
1 cherry bomb
1 mystery shot
2 long island iced teas
1 amaretto and diet coke
1 Bacardi and diet coke
All in one and a half hours.

GONE. Threw up, passed out with Scott on the phone, but I was in my 8:30 class the next morning!

Happy birthday to me! :-)
I can't wait til tomorrow when I can run again. Cannot WAIT.

I also am getting really into working out. I love it a lot, it takes a ton of my stress away.  Upgrade!

How's everyone's week going? I'm pretty fabulous myself.